Friday, 15 June 2012

#7 Russ-T Wartrakk!

AAHH! It seems I forgot to post this when it got done, ah well, here it is now. The Russ-T Wartrakk got painted (quickly, simply and badly):


So there he is in all his glory, if you can call it that. 

I also made up a battlewagon from a land raider and GW battlewagon, it's pretty simple and should be perfect for transporting the boss and 'is nobs or the boss and 19 of 'is best choppa ladz into battle(I made this instead of making any progress on the boss-truck planned, not sure if that's still happening).
(This is where I'd put the pictures of it if it would upload them ....)

Watch this space! (actually don't ... blogger's messin' up and not uploading the other 3 photos ... technology is marvellous!)

Thanks for trying to make toes or feet of this,


Thursday, 31 May 2012

#6 Choppaz, Nobz and wagons!

Howdy again anyone and everyone! Still with no internet apart from using my dad's orange dongle internet sticky thang, should have that sorted in early june but at the moment updates are few and far between.

What has happened in the time since the last post: I've painted up 19 choppa ladz that have been waiting a loOoOoOng time for it, painted a mob of nobz that were waiting for it too, built and primed 'The Russ-T watrakk' and started to think about a trukk for my Mekboss and his nob retinue.

Here's pictures of the choppa boys, bad pictures to be exact:

Here's a shot of the Nobz together and 2 of them, including the custom-built / converted WAAAGH! banner bearer, photographed individually:

Here's the WIP shots of 'The Russ-T wartrakk' :

The Russ-T wartrakk, primed.

 A TL BS watrakk made from the hull of a Leman Russ, the engine from a warbuggy, the tracks from what I think was a Zoids toy or something and various other bits. The gunner sits inside a turret ring made from a back/top plate of a razorback / predator.  Some very thin plasticard was then curved into shape and glued to the inside to give the turret something to spin on. An Ork Trukk driver was used for the front and will be glued inside the front once painted(the gunner and turret are also seperate until painting is finished). The barrel on the back is from a Tamiya stowage set I picked up and the grill + skull on the front are from the Ork Trukk kit.

Last and possibly even least is the start of a trukk for the Mekboss.

  It's base is a marine rhino with the BW ram for a front, that grabbing claw arm will likely be getting a circular sawblade from the DeffDread kit to be a count-as wrekkin' ball. The idea with this trukk is to make it look the fanciest of the lot as nothing but the best is good enough for the boss. I plan to drill out and file the doors back so that is has two big open sides, making it look more open and armour 10-ish. It might get some oversized bulletholes to add to it's 'more fragile than a rhino' look. My current plan is also to add a rokkit-launcha turrent nexto the driver you can see in the picture. Maybe some rails to the roof aswell so the nobz can stand up there.

Wow, alot of text in this one, thanks for reading it if you did,


Monday, 14 May 2012

#5 The dreaded uh .... Dread.

Hey again anyone that reads this! I got my Deff Dread painted up. He's almost standard but has a multi-melta for  KMB, a BW claw for a CCW and some different shoulder plates.


And the finished thing:

A shot of what's painted so far:

I hope you, yes you that read this, enjoyed it.



Thursday, 10 May 2012

#4 Trukks away!

I finished painting the rhino-trukk for my ork army. I'm not hugely satisfied with it but I haven't the patience or faith in my abilities to go back and redo it.


He sports an 'R1 NO' number plate on the front and back, some poorly-painted checks in a few places and 'FUUL' written on the barrel.

Also, here's a WAAAGH banner for a Nob mob I'm adding. Kinda saving the banner as a treat for getting other stuff painted.

I hope someone read through this, cheers,


Monday, 7 May 2012

#3 Keep on trukkin'

Sad news to start off with, the internet's been down for this week but I've been lucky enough to .. 'procure' my dad's seperate interweb stick.

So I finished building the second trukk and primed 'im. He'll likely get painted some time in the middle of this week. Here's a few shots of it before priming.

He received a little stowage, more armour plating around the top so the boyz don't fall out, and a few ladder rungs so them too slow to get in still have a chance ta' hang on.

Someone on a forum I frequent requested a scale shot so I thought I'd throw it up here too.

Also, a few pics of a looted chimera that I painted in the internet down-time:

He's a little boring but he puts the numbers up.

If you read all that, thanks for looking,


Monday, 30 April 2012

#2 Ork Trukks

So here's a trukk from my ork force that I made some time before the buggy in the previous post.

His chassis is from the Ork Trukk kit but using only two of the axles, the front windrscreen(frame) is made from plasticard whilst the bonnet/wheel arches are made from the turret brackets from a Land Raider. The engine is stock, whilst the front panel is plasticard with GW ork bits for details. The turret is made from a Deff Dread shoota and shoulderplate with a 'tank rida' ork used for the gunner.

Another shot of the trukk, with a couple o' the lads riding in it.

Next up is a trukk I'm working on at the moment, completely different to the first one, using the tracks from the rhino who kindly gave his hull for the warbuggy.

The first step in making this one was to file away the THICK layer of superglue that the original owner used to put it together. After that, and cleaning up the panels / areas in need on armour plating, I cut some trukkish-shaped bits of plasticard out and mocked up the kind of look I wanted. After a bit of filing / fitting / adding support to hold the tracks together I got the cab shell nearly completed. It's getting a load of armour plates, so shouldn't look so fragile next time you see it.

The sides started to get some armour plates and the roof got a nice little rokkit-turret. A hatch was kindly donated by the (badly made, not to even mention the painting) trukk this one will be replacing. I didn't want to add wheels to the front of this one but the more I look at it, it does look front-heavy and in need of some, so it'll probably end up with some.

If you got this far, thanks for looking,


Welcome to the rusty wartrakk!

So it seems I decided to start a blog! This is going to be for my warhammer 40k stuff and maybe the other odd thing that comes up.

To start off is this buggy I made for my ork army not too long ago:

 He's made from most of a MK1 rhino hull, with plasticard plates added and deffdread shoulders for wheelarches. The paint's pretty basic as my skills aren't exactly fantastic but I like the style it comes out as.

If you got this far, cheers for looking,